Cool Cool morning, overcast and looks of rain, ate a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and honey and coffee at about 6:00.  Arrived at Blue Lake at 6:30 for 8:00 start.  Put on Ipod and went to pick up packet and just kind of walked around the park loosening up and getting focused.

At about 7:15 I set up transition, and changed into race clothing, went for a short jog and stretched.  I felt really good this morning.  Put on body glide and wetsuit at 7:45, and took down a gel pack, then walked down to the lake and did a quick loosen up swim, and stayed in the water until start.  I was 1st wave, and lined up at the front.  Horn went of and I took off, went out a bit too hard for a ½ mile swim, and my arms started to fatigue at the first buoy, I tried to relax and find a rhythm but just felt like I was cranking too hard when I new I wasn’t.  After 2nd buoy I set my sight on the swim exit and bore down.  I hit algae and stood up, but was a little early and struggle running out of the water.  3rd out of water for ½ mile in 11:38.  I should have swum a few yards further.  T1 went ok, still not happy with transition times.

Bike felt great!!!!  I quickly made up time on two of the riders in front of me and flew passed them, the leader was in my sight at about 100 yards.  I shifted and watched my cadence and picked it up to 95, and caught the leader at about mile 4.  For two miles I was on top of the world!!  I was thinking holy crap; I am going to go into t2 in the lead.  At the half way turn I got passed, and then the guy slowed, so I came up on him and was sure to move to the left 3 feet, when he realized that I was there he picked it up a bit again and I realized that I did not have it in me to pass, so I backed off.  I definitely was within 15 ft for more than 15 seconds, but I know in my heart that I was 3 feet to the left.  Well I saw the official in the motorcycle creep up on me and write down my number, and then my mental focus crumbled, I lost the focus on the race and could only think of what I was going to say to that judge.  The guy in front kept creeping further and further ahead, and at about mil 10 another guy flew past me.  At that point I said “pull your head out of your ass Aleck hammer, hammer, hammer. “  I flew into transition on the tail of 2nd place, so much so I followed him into his transition area.  WOOPS not mine.  That probably only cost me 30-45 seconds, but it was humiliating.  Besides that t2 was good, no other problems.   Bike time: 31:32 12 mile bike.  (22.8 average would have like to be at 24)

The run.  I felt surprisingly good, I have been nursing a strained soleus muscle for over a month, so I was a bit skeptical, I did not go out too hard or too slow.  I could occasionally see the runner ahead of me, but new I could not catch him, at the turn I figured the 2 leaders were about 30-40 seconds up, so I just dug in and took my HR to about 190 (max is 200) when low and behold I heard foot steps behind me at mile 3, he passed and I looked at his calf…it said 41, so I let it go, I am still third in AG.  I held on for the next .15 and hit the finish in 1:08.  5k run time 21:23 (6:53 pace I am ok with that).  *the official results tagged the 2 minute penalty on the run, which makes no sense to me so official results have me at 23:23 run time.*

Race wise, I felt pretty good, I think I could have been faster in all three disciplines, and definitely need to work on transitions, and learn to deal mentally with hiccups during a race.


Minus the penalty I feel pretty good about only my 3rd race ever.

Pre-enalty results:

7th over all, 3rd in age group.  

Post penalty results:

10th overall, 4th in age group.