Monday was day off. 

I did not feel particularly great today, body wise. 

Swim: 350 warm up, 10 x 25 drill, 10 x 100 moderate intesity with 5 sec rest, 10x 10o @ threshold with 1 minute rest,  250 kick, 350 cool down.

I had a hard time getting going in the first set of 100’s, and in the threshold set I was clearly fatigued, all were in the 1:10 to 1:15 frame.  Cool down is the only part that felt good.

Bike: 1 hour 30 minutes with 30 miunute at high threshold.  It was hard for me to get my heart ratge up in the first 1/2 hour.  My legs were definately burning in the tempo portion of the ride, and I was not able to top 25 mph, which was dissapointing.

Bottom line, either I did not eat properly for recovery after my race and on the day off, or my body is just taking some time to recover from race on Saturday.    Days like today are hard on the spirits for training.  I need to figure out how to deal metally with training and racing issues.