Great training weekend!!!!   Started Friday with a 2 hour ride on Clackamas river drive, then V02 max swim.  (350 warmup, 10x 25 drill, 4×300 vo2 30 sec rest, 4x 50 sprint 20 sec rest, 10x 25 kick, 350 cool)  Had a hard time getting going on the 300’s by the 2nd one I felt strong and fast.  First  two were at 4:00 min, 2nd two at 3:54.  Went directly from swim to massage.

I really feel like the deep tissue work is working on my leg.  It hurts like hell, but feels great afterwords.   Next appoint ment is Monday after Pac crest.

Saturday:  left at 6:30 for 3.5 hours up the gorge.  Good ride, out ride was kind of lax, but pushed the back pretty hard.  averaged 20.5 on the ride.

Sunday:  Swam a 2000 meter open water swim race at Hagg Lake.  Felt great, which is surprising because I was sore as hell from helping Woody with his floors for 9.5 hours the day before.  I may have went out a bit too slow as I felt I had a bit too much left on the back stretch.  Placed 8th overall with a time of 30 minutes.  I feel good about that, since that is what I had targeted for Vineman, and I know I can go faster.  I did not recognize anyone who beat me, and I think they were all “primary” swimmers.  I follwed that with an hour and 50 minute run.  We did 13 miles  around the lake.  8:23 pace.  Again went out fairly easy, probably over 9’s, and cranked it up at about an hour ten. 

Bottom line I put some quality hours in this weekend.  I am feeling very good going into Recovery week for Pac crest.  I need to focus on eating right, hydrating, and stretching this week, and I should turn in a solid performance on Sunday.