5:00 am:  I felt like this was my my first swim workout in a month.  350 warm up felt out of rythem and sloppy.  10x 25 drill felt OK, 5 x 100 repeats with 5 sec rest felt awkward, and I could not settle in.  Wnr 1:17 on every one.  6 x 100 vo2 max with 1 minute rest felt much like the repeat set, could not get a nice flow in my swim that I normally can get.  I would have like to been able to watch my swim from the deck to see what my stroke looked like.  Went only 1:12-1:14’s on all.  PATHETIC.  Kick and cool down were a welcome part of the work out today.   I did start to feel a good rythem at the end of my cool down. 

This is a recovery week, hence the short swim yardage.  My body seems to object to good workouts on Tuesdays, especially after a hard training weekend.  Hopefully the Bike tonight will feel better.