Last set of workouts before Pac Crest.  I did a mile pool swim, 200 moderate, 200 hard, 200 moderate, 200 hard etc. 1675 yards in  23 minutes.  Perfect time, I figure that puts me just under 21 for oly distance swim.  I did not feel outstanding but felt good, not as strong as I would have hoped to feel, but hopefully that will be there on Sunday.  Then I ran a 10k at moderate pace, HR about 160.  Did not look at the watch once until the end and was pleasently surprised to see 42:12 flashing at me!  I do believe that is the fastest 10k I have run, and I did it at moderate pace with every thing to spare!  Great set up for Pac Crest.

I really am trying not to set any goals or expectations for this race, at least not publicly, I know what time I think I should be at, but I am just going out there to have fun this weekend. 

Side note:  I am getting more and more anxious and nervous for my races.  Today I was a basket case trying to get all I needed to do done, and get my workouts in.  I waited until 8:00 pm to check out my bike, and found I had a problem with my front valve extender, not letting air pass to the tire.  I had a slight panic attack, thinking I was going to have to rip the tire off to fix it, which would not leave me enough time to glue a new one on.  But Luckily Good Old Garren answered his phone while on vacation and gave me some ideas to try.  It worked.  Anyway I digress, the bottom line is I need to learn to just relax and not get worked up, and remember that I am doing this for fun. Right?