Very brisk morning in Central Oregon.  When we left the Hotel in Bend at 6:30 it was 40 degrees.  When we got to Sun River to set up t2 it was 38, and when we got to Wickiup Reservoir it was 37.  Water temp was 62.  The sun was out so it had definitely warmed up by 9:00.  I forgot my pump, so I had to find a pump to get my tire pressure right, and once I did that, I just took a deep breath and told myself to go out there and have fun.

I was first wave, and lined up in front.  Siren went off, and I burst out to get away from the field.  Again I think I went out too hard, and my arms started burning about half way.  I could only sight two swimmers ahead of me, and could not see anyone right behind, so I just put it in cruise control, and found a nice rhythm, only sighting about 75 strokes.  I settled in and finished strong after the last buoy. As I approached the arches I stood up, and my calf started to cramp, and I thought I might be in for some trouble, but it worked itself out.  T1 went pretty good considering the cold air.  I did have trouble getting my bike shoes on while standing, I bet it was funny to watch.  I got out of transition in I believe 3rd place.  Swim time 22:46.  I thought I would be faster, but I am good with it.

Out of T2 when I got settled on my bike I looked down to check my cadence, and my computer was gone.  I don’t know when I lost it, probably running out.  So I had no idea how fast I was going.  I also forgot to turn my watch over so I really did not know time or HR either.  I just went with it and tried to push the whole ride.  I was passed once, and passed one triathlete, and a ton of duathletes.  This is where I will complain about the race set up.  The bike course was open to traffic, and coming into the Sun River area there was an intersection which we had to turn left on.  The officials stopped traffic for the bikers, but it was backed up about a half mile, forcing the bikers to ride single file, no passing.  I came up on a group of duahtletes that were riding at about 13 mph and I could not get around.  Frustrating!  This happened again at transition; they had the bikers in single file about a half mile before 2t and I got stuck behind a duathlete seriously going 10mph.  IRRITATING!!  Anyway I made it in and had a smooth transition. My bike time was 1:01:57, and race results splits have me at a 27.12 mph average, but I am pretty sure that it was a 25.5 mile course so that average is probably not right.  So I felt very good about the bike and felt strong going into the run.

The run, the first half mile felt too good to be true, I was cruising.  I quickly came down to earth and slowed a bit so I would not run out of gas.  About mile three, I bonked, as I had taken in no nutrition on the ride other than water.  I got passed about this time for the first time on the run. At mile 3.5 I grabbed a gel, and by mile 4 I felt better, and was able to kick it up a notch again.  At mile 6 I could see the crowd and I bore down and pushed as hard as I could.  Run Time 43:01 (6:55/ mile average) maybe could have been a bit faster had I nourished my body properly.  But I am happy with it.

Final time: 2:11:44, 6th overall, 2nd in age group (30-34).  I actually received the AG 1st place award because the overall winner was in my AG.  I am not sure what the final participant number was but the June 21 confirmation list said 500.

I come away from this race feeling extremely good both physically and mentally.  My goal for the race was 2:15.  My body felt good after the race I was really not even that fatigued.  I think my training and nutrition has been spot on.  I do need to work on race nutrition.  But I think I am on pace to have a solid showing at Vineman 70.3.