My last few Tuesday wokouts have been struggles, so I expected todays to be also due to Sundays race.  I had a sports massage on Monday evening, and was still  a bit tight and sore.

5:00 am swim: 350 slow warm up. My shoulders were very tight from Sundays race.  Drill set of 8×25 I took slow and focused on form. Base interval set 7×100 with 5 seconds rest, I kept all at 1:20 feeling pretty good, from my percieved effort I would have thought to be 1:25’s or slower.  Vo2 max set 6×150 w/ 1 min 15 sec rest.  First three did not feel good, 4th felt ok, 5th good, 6th felt bad but was fastest.  Went: 2:02, 2:00, 1:59, 1:56, 1:55, 1:52.  8x 25 kick, 425 cool down.  Cool down felt really good.  kept smooth proper stroke and felt like i was gliding through the water.  It is nice to end a set with a nice strong cool down.  I sat in the steam room for 5 and the sauna for 10 after swim.


Went to marine drive for flat ride today.  Wokout was 1 hour 25 min ride with 30 minutes at threshod.  zit was nice and windy so I got plenty of resistance.  I did threshold portion into the wind.  First half hour HR 140, 25 min threshold 167, last half hour 143.  Covered 30.5 miles.  Good ride coming off of a race.