Morning Swim: 300 warmup, 8×25 drill, 3×400 threshold intervals, 4x 50 sprint, 8x 25 kick, 350 cool down.  Swim was just ok, for some reason I feel like I am getting slower in the water. my 400’s went 5:29, 5:28, 5:25.  Maybe I was not puting what I hshould have been puting into them, but I thought I would be faster than that.

Sat in steam room for 5 and sauna for 10.

Bike: 2 hour flat moderate intensity ride.  43 miles.  At a piece of wheat bread w/peanut butter and honey right before ride, ate cliff bar at hour 1, and drank 42 oz of cyto max throughout hte ride, and 32 oz of water.