6:00 am  did a 74 mile ride up the gorge and bac,k felt very good and strong up hills.  Also getting much more comfortable staying aero at high speeds.  Training plan called for 3:45 minute ride, my back was faster than my out so I got back in 3:35, I did not make up the extra 10 minutes because I figured I covered enough distance. Average bike HR= 150  Immediately went for 41 minute run and covered 5.8 miles.  7 minute pace I believe.  Run felt very good and my legs still felt strong after 74 miles.  Run HR= 166.

 I ate awhole wheat english muffin w/ adams peanut butter and honey before the ride,  drank 3 water bottles of ctyo-max, 2 hammer gels, and 2 cliff bars during the ride.  I ate the last cliff 1/2 hour before run and stopped hydrating 15 minutes before run.  After run drank 24 ounzes of gatorade and 16 ounzes of water.

Total workout 4 hours and 26 minutes.  I felt very good about this work out and the intesity and duration.  Makes me feel good about a 5 hour race.