Early morning swim.  For the first time in 4 weeks, I had a good Tuesday morning swim.  I have felt like crap in the pool on tuesdays for a while, so it felt good to get in and find my good form and rythym early.


WU: 350E, 8*50 drill r10s
MS: 7*100 r5s, 6*150 r1min, 8*25 kick
CD: 350E

WU:5:28, easy slow stroke felt good
Drills are drills felt ok
7×100 good form long stokes went 1:20-1:21 on all. exertion level 6
6×150 exertion level 8, went: 1:54.63, 1:56.16, 1:56.17, 155:85, 1:56.70, 1:56.26 I started to fatigue on the last 2 at the 75 mark, and I could feel my stroke and rythym getting sloppy.
Kick moderate
350 CD: 5:05

Evening ride took a bit to feel good, legs were a little stiff and felt tired at first, probably because I started into the wind. 

Tempo ride 2x 16 minute for a total ride of an hour and a half.

Did this ride at Suavie Island, very windy and about 80 degrees.  Had some tail wind, some head wind, but mostly cross wind.  The first 24 minutes my average HR was 129, first 16 minute interval HR average was 161 and I covered 6.6 miles (24.7 mph), 10 minute active recovery HR 136,  2nd interval HR 162 and coevered 7.7 miles (25.13 mph) .  Cool down 24 minutes HR 130.

Total ride 32 miles.  (21.3 mph)