Doesn’t matter where I go,  the nasty wind will blow!

Went out to Hagg lake, for the first ride there since my near death experience, and did these workouts as a brick.  It was 90 degrees when I started, and as windy as I have ever seen it at Hagg Lake.  It doesnt’ really matter which direction you go around the lake, you start with a hill.  My legs took about 5 minutes to loosen up.  My gut had a knot it in until I passed my crash site, I looked down to see how fast I was going and it read 33 mph.  I had an immediate hot flash because I was going 31 when I crashed, and it just brought back the feeling of pain I had as my body slid across that crappy chip seal shoulder for 12  feet.   After that I relaxed and was able to get on with my workout.  I did not look at my HR the whole ride, trying just to judge a high aerobic pace.  The first lap around I did in 30:42 with an average HR of 158.  2nd lap in 30:12 with a HR average of 164, last 9:11 HR average of 158.  Total distance 24.1 miles, total average HR=160. 

It was kind of a frustrating ride with the wind, it seemed that every down hill that I would try to get momentum as I approach the uphill I would turn into the wind and kill my momentum.  Made me work a little harder.  Things I have to deal with I guess. 

Did I mention that it was hot out!  took 5 minutes to put bike up and change took a hammer gel and 6 oz of water and hit the road.  I felt very good off the bike, and for the first 3 miles I thought it was too easy.  Then the heat started to get to me, and I did not take any water on the run.  I was really beginning to feel like crap, and was not sure if I would make it back, so I turned at 30 minutes instead of 35 (4.2 miles 7:08 pace)  I definatley did not feel I was running that fast.  The run back was brutal but I kept plugging away, the hills seemed a whole lot steeper & longer on the way back.   Took me 34 minutes to get back 8:05 pace, which I am happy with because I felt like 9:30 pace or slower.  Total run 8.4 miles 7:37 pace.  Average HR= 170

While I felt like I might die,  I was surprised and happy to see my pace.  This was a good indicator of how brutal a 1/2 ironman will be.