6:00 am Swim:

350 warm up was a bit rough.  I felt fatigued, and felt my HR was high for the pace.  5:29. 

Drills…. blah blah blah

Main Set: 3x 400 w/ 1 minute rest:  Did not feel particularly crisp today kind of struggled through my main sets maybe a bit tired.  Set looked like this: 5:32, 5:32, 5:28.

6x 50: 33.20, 33.56, 34. 67, 35.9, 35.4, 36.2

Kick….blah, blah, blah

350 Cool down, why does my cool down always feel like the best part of my workout.  Felt relaxed and long, 5:10.

Late night spin:

I was not able to get to my ride until 8:00 pm so I just sat on the trainer and spun, kept HR at130 for  1:45.  It was 88 degrees in the room, so I think it was some good heat training.