Did 2 20 mile loops around clackamas and through happy valley.  Lots of steep hills, probably much steeper than I will ever see at a race (I hope).  It was 82 degrees and prety humid.  I used the 1/2 iron custom nutrition plan my coach gave me, with perpetuem.  Infinit is on order.  I took 2 24 oz bottle with 275 calories in each, and drank them over the 2 hours.  I took a hammer gel at 1:15, and one at 2 hours. And drank about 16 oz of plain water over the ride.

I put in 40.25 miles with an average HR of 146.  Pretty good pace with those hills, I felt good about that. 

I took 2 minutes to change and drink about 10 oz of water.  I set the run up so I would pass my house at about half way and I left some water and a flask with 100 calories of perpetuem.  I did the first 3.35 miles in 24:17, a 7:14/mile average, with an average HR of 166.  I did the next 3.35 in 25:37 7:38/ mile with an average HR of 171. 

I felt really good off the bike again, I don’t think that the bike to run will be a big deal for anymore.  I definately went out too fast especially if this was supposed to be 1/2 iron pace.  I dont think I can sustain 7:30 pace over 13 miles off the bike.  I could be wrong though and I hope I am.