Swam in the Columbia at Doug’s Beach east of Hood river.  As close to 1.2 miles as I can tell.  The wind was strong creating some nice swells in the channell.  Swam very strong and felt better in the water than I have since the glory days.  Did 1.2 in 24.45.  This may be short, but not by much so I would say I am safe at 26  minutes for 70.3 distance swim.  The fast swim was partly because I swear I saw a large boat heading my way, but I think it was my imagination after all.

Again ran in hills, felt very fatigued from yesterday, kept HR under 160, went at 1:00pm  and it was 82 degrees.  Did 6 miles for a 7:30/mile pace with a 155 average HR.  Good run, @ I hope race pace.