Hotter than hell!  98 degrees, and windy.  Went to Sauvie Island for tempo ride.  I did the first loop easy as a warm up,  I went clock wise around &  started into the wind, and I honestly wanted to quit after the first 2 minutes.  The beginning of the ride is bumpy,  I had a massive head wind, and it was HOT . Then to top it off  a bee flew in my mouth and stung me on the under side of my upper lip.  But I pushed through.  I did the first 12.3 miles in 36:36 (20.19 mph) with a 133 HR average.

The 2nd loop was my tempo loop, and it started much the same as the first except worse because I was pushing hard.  I had a hard time controling my HR with the wind, I just worked on keeping a solid 85-90 rpm cadence, and once I got to the other side of the island I felt great .  The 2nd  12.3 miles I did in 32:29 (23 mph) with a 159 average HR.  Then I did a 9 mile cool down in 22 minutes  with a 146 average HR.  Then 5 minutes at 10 mph, workning on getting in and out of shoes on the bike.