83 degress and humid, picked a some what hilly route.

first 10 minute warm up, I felt good, legs felt slightly fatigued from yesterdays ride, but that seemed to work its way out.  Strong warm up 1.35  (7:24/ mile)miles with an average HR of 151 fro the 10 minutes.
Went into tempo run feeling good, I could definately feel the humidity and could tell this would not be a sub 6 min/mile day.  I concetrated on long smooth strides, keeping my body in a straight line and runnning with my core.  The first 1.8 mile loop took 11:27 (6:21/ mile) average HR = 172.  I felt really good going into the second loop, and I felt like I might be able to hold that pace through a 10k.  Second 1.8 miles took 11:34 (6:25/mile) Hr= 176. pretty much holding pace.  I covered .8 miles over the last 5:03 (6:18/ mile pace)  HR got to an average of 183.  total tempo run was 4.4 miles in 28 minutes (6:21/mile pace).  It will be interesting to see how this compares to my final 4 miles at vineman.  Cooled down for 10:30 and covered 1.5 iles (7:00/ mile pace)  with a 170 HR.  I felt very strong in this run, and am happy with my results for these HR numbers.