Rode at Hagg lake again to get some more hills, it was 88 degrees and a good breeze.  I used my race pace plan, and tried to keep my HR under 160, it was hard up hill and I did have a few spikes up to 170.  I felt really good at this pace, and am sure I could have gone 20 miles more at this pace and been fine for the run.  I did the first lap at 29:28 (21.07 mph) HR average was 155.  I rode the second lap in 29:52 (20.79 mph) with an average HR of 158.  The last 6.4 miles I rode in 17:47 (21.59 mph) with an average HR of 152.  So even though my HR did spike a couple times on the steeper hills above 170, I still held an average around 156 or so.  I feel good about that.

 3 minute change

Again I felt really good off the bike, and it was hard to keep myself from running too fast.  I think I’m going to have a hard time keeping my HR below 160 on the run if there are alot of hills.    On flat and down hill I don’t have a problem, but it jumps up to 170 pretty easy running uphill.  I ran 2.7 miles in 21:17 (7:30/ mile) with an average HR of 165.  I thought I was going much slower as I was trying to restrict my HR.  It is going to be harder than I thought to keep my HR under 160 on the run especially with rolling hills.

Total Brick workout HR average was 157.