Rode to the scenic gorge hwy to Bonniville dam and back (54 miles) then did 6.5 additional to hit 3 hours (total 60.5 miles).  I felt fatigued on the ride out, did not push hard at all, probably went a little less than moderate pace,  my average HR over the 3 hours was 140 and that is with some good hill climbs in which my HR got to 170, despite trying to keep it down.  It worked out well that the 6 mile climb out of the gorge came right at 42 miles, and I powered right up it with no struggle.  (the reason that this is good is the “big” climb at Vineman (chalk hill) is at mile 42, and it is not near as long and not as steap.

I took almost 3 minutes to put up my bike and change shoes then hit a 15 minute out and back for a total of 30 minutes.   It was 88 degress and not much shade. I did my best to slow down the run to keep  my HR under 160 but could not, it averaged 160 over the 4 mile run (7:30/ mile).  I must say I was shocked that I ran 4 miles.  I thought i was humping along at about 9 minute pace.

This was my last “long” workout before vineman, thank god!  I am tired!!!  I am ready for a week of taper and rest before my race.  I took this opportunity to dial in race nutrition and work a little on race pace.  It is very important for me to hold back the first 4 miles on the run.  I also took this opportunity to practice other race manuvers such as releiving  myself on the bike.  Not too bad at all, however I know why not to wear socks on the bike.