Nice easy ride, started talking to another rider on the way, rode and talked from about 20 minutes in to 55 minutes.  Total ride 55 minutes.  18 miles.

Ran for 31 minutes covered 4.25 miles.  Felt good, my calf started to feel tight toward the end so i bagged the relaxed sprints.  Did not waant to risk cramping up or hurting myself this late.  (not just an excuse)

This is the last time I will post a blog until I return from Vineman.  I feel really good going into my race.  I have worked very very hard!  I completed all but 5 workouts in my 20 week training program (do to injury, there was a period I could not run).  At this point I have to trust in my training, and in my coaches race plans, and execute!  I am very excited to get on the course and see what I can do!  Wish me luck!!