Alone in transition

I had registered for the Mid Summer sprint tri at Blue Lake about a month and a half ago, for two reasons: 1) it was the first triathlon I had ever done, one year prior; 2) I wanted redemption for my drafting penalty at the same course in June.It came one week from vineman 70.3, in which I raced my guts out. I only trained about 6 hours this last week, and it was 90% recovery stuff. I also had not eaten to stellar this last week. So needles to say I was not really feeling this race to much yesterday or even this morning.

I got to the lake about 6:30 for packet pickup, and set transition, then warmed up and stretched as usual. I was beginning to get into race mode and feeling better about the race. I was first wave, and went off at 8:00 am.
I took off fast as usual to separate from the pack, I think I reached the first buoy first, but was quickly passed soon after by a pretty quick swimmer. I tried to draft off of him, but he could not seem to keep a straight line so I went on my own. I felt tight throughout the swim, and feared a cramp, but was fine. I was second out of the water. 11:18 half mile. T1 went well, in and out quick, and came out of T1 in the lead (2:01).
I struggled getting into my right shoe on the bike, and feared getting passed on the bike, but I finally got in on without crashing, and found my sprint pace. I again felt a bit tight on the bike, and struggled a bit with my HR on the out. It was a little windy, but not too bad. At the turn (mile 6) I could see a biker was closing in on me, so I pushed it pretty hard on the way home. I came into T2 still in the lead, but could sense that the 2nd place guy was not too far back. I got out of T2 quickly, and knew I had to hammer if I wanted to maintain the lead, running is not my strength. Bike 31:29 12.1 miles.
On the run I was desperately afraid of cramping, but felt pretty good. I kept glancing back and could see the runner gaining on me. At the turn he was about 10-15 seconds back. I felt like conceding to him and letting him pass, but I said screw it lets push this. I hammered home, and held him off, I think I even gained space on the last half of the run. This is a big change for me, the old Aleck would have given in on the run. Run time 20:24. My overall time 1:06.24 held and put me 1st overall!
This was my first overall win of my short triathlon career. It felt nice. I won a koobi tri saddle, as well as a $75 Koobi gift certificate, a pair of sunglasses, and a nice trophy. 
All in all its been a pretty successful season so far, I have one Oly left in September before the 70.3 world champs in November.

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