Well since my vineman race I have basically taken a couple weeks off from hard training and have  mainly done  recovery stuff.  Today marked the begining of my new training regime in route for Clearwater (70.3 World Champs).  I am very excited to get going and start working hard with Scott.  The next 4 weeks look to be pretty tough as I will be logging quite a few hours boosting my aerobic foundation with high volume and  lots of vo2 max stuff.    I also have joined the Ironheads Triathlon Team and feel that this will help me immensly in my triathlon endeavors.

I tried to keep my diet clean over the last week and a half, and I guess its worked, I weighed in at 149 this morning, but I do feel a bit fatter.  Ideally I want to maintain this range 145-150, but do want to drop to below 7% BF.

Today kicked my arse, up early to swim HARD for an hour, an hour and a half at lunch on the bike doing intervals, then an evening Tempo run (sub 6).  My legs are aching as I type this.  I ought to sleep well tonight. 

I do not plan to go into detail with my training in this blog over the next 3 months, as I did for vineman, rather just give a brief reflection of what I did on that day.

I have some pretty lofty expectations and goals over these next three months, and I plan to bust my butt even harder than I have before to reach them!