The focus the last few weeks has been volume.  I have been logging a lot of hours, but feeling good.  Funny thing is I am training more, but I must be balancing my time more efficiently because I really am not noticing it.   My diet has not been all that stellar, especially last weekend when we  went to the coast for Elee’s Birthday.  I was 149 Friday am and 156 on Monday evening.  I have been much better this week and was 153 this morning.  For some reason I have been wanting more sugar lately, which I could always do without before. 

I have just started thinking about my next race on Sept. 9th,  I did a couple loops on the bike course this week, and it is tough!  Some long steep climbs,  aggressive down hills, and lots of wind.    I plan to hit it a few more times primarily to get comfortable attacking the downhill. 

I get a well deserved day off from training tomorrow, and then a 3 sport saturday for 5.5 hours, then a long run on Sunday.