First, watching Ironman Canada on Sunday lit a fire in my heart that I need to do an Ironman!  Something about those words “you are an Ironman” gave me a craving that I need to hear!  Unfortunately (or fortunately), the opportunities that I would have to do them, IMAZ, IMCDA, and IMC are all sold out for 2008.  I was ready to sign up on Sunday, and a bit depressed when I found out I could not.  But after some insight from my coach I think that I will stick to 70.3 next season and plan on racing an Ironman in 2009.  If the season goes well next year Scott (Coach) said that there are some 70.3’s that I can race that will qualify for some Ironman races, so the door is still open for IM in 08.Anyway back to the now!  I am continually crashing through new fitness barriers with every workout.  Since training with Scott I have noticed my fitness levels increase dramatically.  My Bike climbing is feeling great, I did a 16 mile run on Sunday at 7:03 pace with my HR average under 160, and my last swim workout was the best I have had since High school.  I am really excited about my potential for Clearwater.  I need to make a conscious effort however to spend more time controlling my diet 95% of the time, not 60% of the time which is what I have been doing.  Starting today I am going to log everything that goes in my mouth.