My wife and son had been sick all last week; I still had a pretty high volume training week, although a bit lighter than the previous 3 weeks.  Friday night I only slept 4 hours as AJ was up and Elee was sick, I had a 3500 yard swim, 4 hour ride, and 30 minute steady run scheduled for Saturday.  I was up at 3:00 am with AJ and did not want to go back to sleep because I knew I would not get up for my swim at 6:30.  My swim went well, and I was off to meet a group for a ride.  I had planned on going a bit longer than 4 hours but kind of expected the ride to be 80 miles.  We went 103 miles in 5 hours and 40 minutes of riding.  I was pretty beat on the ride home, and could tell my body was fighting something.  I got home drank a recovery/ protein drink and slammed some Vitamin C.  No luck, within an hour my head was plugged and I felt like crap.   So did I just try to push the envelope too far or was this coming no matter what I did?Anyway I slept 12 hours on Saturday night, and did nothing on Sunday, slept 9.5 on Sunday night, and did an hour light ride and a light 5k run on Monday.  I am feeling a bit better but my head is still plugged.   I am not real sure how this will affect my training  this week or my race on Sunday.   This race is not all that important to me so if I am not 90% I probably won’t go.  Because I will probably race  near the top of my HR zones for over two hours, there is no sense in risking a set back.