I have had another solid week of training.  The focus has turned from high volume low intensity  to higher intesity tougher workouts.  My swim and run are getting noticably stronger every week.  I am sure my bike is too, I just don’t notice it as much.  I have been battling a sore foot caused from running in flip flops for a 1/4 mile from swim to transition at escape from the gorge, but it seems to be getting better, and does not seem to affect my running. 

Speaking of running, I will be running my first 10k road race this Saturday.   I am looking forward to it, as I have no and I mean zero expectations about how I will do.  I am just going to run it as hard as I can and hope to have fun.  not much different than how I hope to run every race, but its refreshing not to have any expectations.

Finally, the Livestrong ride is coming up on September 30th, I have been limited to 70 miles instead of 100 by my coach, but thats fine by me.  I am really looking forward to this event again.  I am still hoping to raise more money for this cause, so if you would like to support me in this please go to  http://portland07.livestrong.org/aleckalleckson