Not my best week of training, but not bad.    That 10k last saturday blew me up.  It took me all week for my legs to recover,  so my run workouts were all reduced to light, and I cut 1 hour out.  My swim on Tuesday felt like crap, but was strong Thursday and Friday.  My bike was srong all week, road 5 days, with a 20k time trial at 30 minutes in the wind on Thursday and then 73 miles on Sunday at Livestrong….

The livestrong challenge was just that, a challenge.  The weather was brutal, 50 degrees and puring rain the whole time, oh yea and wind.  At 7:30 in the morning in these conditions it was tough to get motivated.  They cut the 100 mile ride due to weather and only offered the 10, 40 and 70 mile ride, and said please don’t feel bad if you make the 40 mile turn, this  was tempting, but I reminded myself what Livestrong meant to me.   I pushed through at a pretty fast pace without stopping so I could get out of the elements as soon as possible I finished in just at 3 hours and thirty five minutes.  The ride left from Nike and made its way up and around Hagg lake and then back to Nike, about 2200 feet of climbing.   This was a good experience for me again.  As I was riding I could not help but smile as I thought about how far I have come, it would have been so easy to quit, or not even have started, but that was not even an option for me now.  A year and a half ago I would not have gotten out of bed.