Another 17 plus hour week.  The week started a bit sluggish, monday’s bike and tuesdays swim were pretty blah, but started to feel good in my intervals on Tuesdays ride and light run.  Wednesday’s medium distance run was good, as well as my endurance ride.  Track workout on Thursday was tough doing mile repeats at 5:40 pace.  The key was to not blow out my legs, because my long ride Saturday with 4x 15minute zone 4 intervals was my key workout of the week.  I skipped my 2500 yard easy swim on Friday on the count of work.  Saturday’s ride with the team was great, nailed my intervals, but the ride was longer (4:10 rather than 3 ) and involved much more climbing than expected (4200 feet).  Follow it up with a 40 minute run at HIM pace.  Sunday I ran with the team at Forest Park, went 16 miles in 1:54 and felt great.  May have pushed a bit harder than supposed to, but am feeling fine today.  I followed that run with an hour light on the bike. 

Total Time: 17:15

Swim: 11,000 yards.  3 workouts

Bike:  176 miles.  5 workouts

Run: 42 miles  5 workouts