My coach thought I needed a bit of rest this week as I was showing some fatigue in my workouts early in the week.  So he cut out my Thursday swim and track workout, and gave me a short swim on Friday.  I guess I did not realize how much I needed the rest, but after those two days, I had some geat Swim, bike and run workouts over the weekend.  I felt fantastic in my swim and ride on Saturday,  going just over 13 minutes in a 1000 yard interval in the pool at  sub half ironman pace, then nailing my 30 minute zone 4 intervals on the bike.  On Sunday I had a great run going 15 miles in an hour and 45 minutes, the whole time keeping my HR in zone 3.    Good week, and I am feeling good.

14.5 hours

Swim: 8,600 yards, 3 workouts

Bike:  170 miles, 5 rides

Run:  31 miles,   3 runs