Well, the nerves and anxiety are starting to arrive.  I find myself laying awake thinking of my race strategy, and visualizing how I plan to attack it.  Having never raced in a race of this calibur, I am a bit nervous, and anxiety sets in when I think of what I need to do before I leave next Tuesday.  Of course work just so happens to be very busy and with one of my tech’s out with a back injury I am under a bit more stress at work that I would like.

I have one more solid week of training to go this week.  Training wise I am ready, I am feeling as strong as I ever have  and my speed is there.  With some fine tuning this week, and some rest next I should be able to blast Clearwater (for my standards anyway). 

 This last week was a strong week of training.  I started with a hickup, rolling my ankle leaving my house on Monday, but with lots of ice and ibuprofin it got back to 100% pretty quick.  The weather has been very cooperative also, and looks to be good for this week too.  The highlights of the week were some very  solid splits in some steady sets in the pool, and  a 17:41 5k time trial (run) following a bike ride that consisted of 4 x 3 min max effort intervals.  Like I said, the fitness is there, I just need to stay healthy and execute on November 10th.  Oh yeah I weighed in at 151 on Saturday, pretty much right where I want to be.

Week summary:

17 hours 35 minutes

Swim:  10,500 yards.  3 workouts

Bike: 194 miles.  6 rides

Run: 37.15 miles. 5 runs.