Been a long flippin day, but I am here and about to rebuild my bike.  Woke up at 3 am PST to get to the airport and arrived in Tampa at 6:00pm EST.  So all I saw today was dark! 

I realize that I did not post a last week summary, I have been very very busy trying to train, work and get things done before my trip.  I had a good week about 14 hours posted some good swim times and capped the week with an hour and 15 minute run at 7:08/mile pace keeping my HR at low z3 high z2, on rolling hills.  The downside to the week was I hurt my  tibialis interior muscle some time in the last few days!  I had it worked over by my LMT monday and have been eating ibuprofin and icing it regularly and will continue to do so this week.  I will also cut back my running a bit while here in clearwater.  If push comes to shove, I know that I can still run effectively through the pain, so I am not all that worried.

Other than that, I am ready!  I am stoked to be here and am ready to race!  I  thought about and visualized my raced the whole flight, and all I can say is I am ready to roll!  I have a good ride planned for Wednesday morning and will follow it up with a very light run. Then swim in the ocean on thursday and friday, with a couple more rides mixed in. 

I have my interview with Ironman PR on Friday at 11:00 so I am a bit anxious about that.   I will post my race number here when I get it for those of you who plan on getting up early saturday to watch me finish.   (FYI my race starts at 4:00 am for the west coast folks)  .

So anyway, thanks everyone for your support, I plan to post here every night through Saturday, so keep checking back! 

Off to build up my bike.