Clearwater day 2:

I woke up this mornig and the right side of my calf looked like I was beaten in the middle of the night with a baseball bat.  Not joking about the size of a softball was just black & blue.  No additional pain, just a lovely color. 

This morning was stressful yet relaxing, stressful in the event that whomever suggested that the Sheraton was the headquarters for the race was wrong.  Turns out it is 5 miles away.  Poor research on my part, but the only reason we chose to stay here was so that Elee & AJ could head back to the room at any time during the race with no problems.  So just knowing that this is going to add stress on her makes me anxious and nervous.

Aside from that, I went and took care of my registration, got a upperbody massage, and got my bike looked over and working correctly at 10:00.  Then went for a ride.  Riding around here is not the greatest.  There is no and I mean no place that you can ride without having to stop constantly.  When I got back from my hour twenty ride, I attemted to run.  Went about 3 minutes and called it quits.  It was not painful, but I could tell it was not right so I walked it out.  I will do the same tomorrow and see how it goes.  I am continuing ice every couple hours. 

After that I just hung out, walked to the pier, walked on the beach, layed and watched tv etc.  Just relaxed, man that was nice.  I must say though even though I have been eating right, being idle makes me feel like I am losing fitness, which I know is absurd, but it feels wrong!

Tomorrow I plan to meet Kaytee (from ironheads) in the morning for a ride, and then hit the practice swim in the ocean.  Oh yeah about the ocean, I really hope the winds die down, because it looked alot like the oregon coast out there to me.  Choppy choppy choppy.  Looks like those columbia river swims in the 30 mph winds might pay off.

Oh yea My race number is 898, I am in wave 9 and go off at 7:45 am EST.  Not to be too confidant but you could start looking for me to cross the finish line around noon EST.  9:00 for the West coasters (which is all of you that would be reading this except maybe Eli). If you have not seen me cross by12:30 turn it off, because I am not a happy racer. 

To do this just go to and follow the links to watch live coverage.  You can also click on athlete tracker and put in 898 as my race number and will give you updates on my times.

I guess if you are really want to know how I am doing but can’t watch it, and can’t wait for me to tell you how I did you can go to and have my splits text messaged to you as I cross timing mats throughout the course.  (standard text messaging rate do apply).

OK I am rambling.  Off to bed (even though it really only 6:00).