2-4 foot swells sure dont look very big when you are standing on the shoreline, but try swimming through them!  Holy crap, if the wind does not die down by saturday this is going to be a pretty tuff swim. 

I just got back from my ride and swim, finally found a place to ride with limited stops, not on the race course though, had a tail wind out and averaged 25 mph at low z 2 and even z 1.  On the way back averaged just about 20 mph at high z3.  Good solid ride for an hour and 10 minutes.

More about the swim, this was my fist time swimming in the ocean.  Not very easy at all.  Going out into the waves pretty much sucks.  It is really hard to get in any sort of rythem, and I have to turn my head much higher than normal to ensure I  get only air when I breathe. Coming back is better, I tried to go long and smooth strokes, and was hauling ass, but the problem is there is kind of a cross current that pulls you right, so I constantly had to sight the buoys to make sure I was staying on track, and usually I was getting off course.

Finally the swim start.  This race is a beach start so I tried practicing running into the ocean and doing dolphin dives.  This hurt my calf, so I stopped immediatley, I did get one good run at it, and I’ll try again tomorrow.

So about my calf, today is the first time I actually started to worry about actually have to deal with pain on my run.  If running on the beach was any indicator of what Saturday may feel like it will hurt.  My plan is to take ibuprofin on the bike, about an hour before the run so hopefully it will mask any pain that might be there.  What ever the case I will deal with it.  I am here, and here to race and here to race well.  End of story.

I pick up my lovely wife and son tonight at 6:00, I am very excited to have them here with me.  For now,  Ice, lunch, more ice, rest and more ice……