Every thing now is done, the only thing left to do is race!  My bike is in place my transition bags are hung, I ate my final solid meal until I cross the finish line, and the only thing left for me to do is sleep.  I feel pretty calm and confidant.   Elee and AJ came n last night, and although I have not been able to hang out with them all that much, it is nice to have them here. 

Todays ocean swim was much much nicer, hardly any waves and light wind.  I also did a 35 minute ride and 30 minute light run.  I could definately feel the tension in the calf, but was pain free. 

There are alot of very fit people in this town right now.  Tons of international athletes too.  It looks like this years race is going to be alot more competetive than last year.  While checking in my bike I was in awe of how many bikes were in that transition area.    I suspect close to $10,00,000 worth. 

The atmosphere has been pretty cool all week, everywhere you look are athletes riding, or running.  I have met quite a few people, the cool thing about this sport is how friendly all the athletes are to each other. 

Anyway, this week has been fun, and a good experience for me.  No matter how I fair tomorrow, I am glad I have made this race!

Talk to you all soon!