For those that did not know about the recent sheduling changes of the Norht American Ironman events, they are changing Ironman Arizona to November instead of April which means this year there will be two Ironman Ariznoa races, April & November.  The April event is a 08 Koan Qualifier and November is a 09 Kona Qualifier.  In 2009, the November race will be the IMAZ.

Anyway, this opened up a huge door for me and presented a perfect opportunity for me to register for my first Ironman.  I had posted back in August how I had the bug and wanted to race an Ironman, but basically for the North American Ironman races you have to sign up a year in advance, so I was S.O.L.  But with the advice of my coach I put the Ironman dream away for another year and decided to focus on speed for the o8 season. 

The timing of IMAZ novmber is perfect!  I can basically have two seasons in 2008, starting in January and hitting my first peak for Boise 70.3 on June 1st.  I will then take a couple weeks off and start again with Ironman training for my biggest race ever in Tempe Arizona.  I AM STOKED! 

I am a little bummed that I wont be able to return to clearwater in 08 to improve upon my result this year, but there will be time for that in the future I think.