I was up with my son this morning at 1:30 am trying to bounce him back to sleep, couldn’t help but get a knot in my gut that in a week I will be back to the grind of training that will kick off another year.  (Don’t get me wrong, it was a good knot!)  This in turn got me thinking about what had happened in my life this last year.  It was a great year!

I got to see the first year of life of the most amazing little boy in the world!  I cannot believe how much I love this child, and it is amazing to me how much he has grown and developed in this first year.  A year ago I sat on that same fitness ball bouncing to sleep a tiny little 9 pound baby and here I am with a 23 pound little person smiling back at me, when he knows he is supposed to be sleeping.  I have seen him take his first steps, and speak his first words, and I have seen my wife develop into the most amazing mother.  This alone would be enough to make this past year absolutely perfect.

In February I registered for Vineman 70.3 and began working out, and in March began a 20 week training program out of a book.  I also ran the 15k at the shamrock run.  In April I learned that you need to register early for races, as I had planned to race in the Beaver Freezer, but found out it sold out in February.  In May I raced my second triathlon at the Hawthorne Farms Sprint, I had set a goal to finish in the top 10 and finished 8th  I also bought my TT bike and rode the 100 mile reach the beach ride.  In June I raced at Blue Lake, and Pacific Crest, winning my AG at pac crest.  Then in July  was Vineman!  I beat my goal time by more than 15 minutes and go a slot to clearwater!  A week later I took my first OVERALL WIN at the mid summer sprint at blue lake.  I started working with Scott Mcmillan and Factor 9 in August, and this has proved to be the best money I have invested in this sport.  In september I raced to a 3rd place finish at Escape From the Gorge and got a slot to alcatraz.  I also joined the Ironhead Triathlon team which was another great move.  In October I raced a 10k road race and ran just under 36 minutes, which was incredible since a year prior I did it in 63 minutes.   In November my season was capped off with a personal best 4:21 at the 70.3 world championships.

So in a nut shell, if I can have half as good of a year in 08 as I did in 07 it will be incredible.  I cannot say this enough… thank you to my loving and supportive wife and both her family and mine for all you support!  Thanks to my coach, and thanks to the Ironhead team.