Well  I am back at it after a not so eventful off season, my plan for a structured off season workout routine was a bust, as I managed maybe one or two easy rides a week, and a swim here and there.  I ate plenty gaining 12 pounds all together putting me at 163 to start the training season.

Regardless, I am back at it and starting to feel good again after two weeks of finding my rythem again. The first week was ugly, but this last week I felt a slow build back to fitness. 

This last week I put in”

14 hours and 40 minutes over 14 workouts

10,500 yards in the pool

131 miles on the bike

27 miles running

2 pilates workouts

This week the volume picks up a bit, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.  I also get my new aero bars and powertap this week so I am stoked about that.  Cranks come in two weeks!