Well after my 3rd complete week back into my training program, I am getting fit again.  I weighed 158 at the pool on Saturday morning.   I have been doing a lot of core work over the last 2 months and that is paying off.  Work is making it difficult to complete all my scheduled workouts, but I have been trying diligently to get at least one done early early in morning.  Sometime the last thing I want to do when I get home after 6:00 when its dark and cold outside is workout.  This early season race thing is kind of a struggle, but at least I am staying in shape.  The norm has been for me to gain 20 or so pounds in the winter months.

 The weekend weather has been a killer too, the last couple weeks have been beautiful(but cold) during the week, then rainy and cold on the weekends.  I have become very close with my indoor trainer, as I have only ridden once outside in January, and that may have the worst ride ever!  I know excuses excuses.  I do still feel I am ahead of the game, and will be fine going into my first race.

I have begun to train with a power meter on the bike, but I won’t even begin to kid you into thinking I know what I am doing.  In fact, I have not even programmed it yet.  It is cool to look at the numbers though.  One of these days I will find the time to see what it is all about. 

This last week was my biggest week of the year going 16 hours although my coach had me down for 18.5. 


swim= 1400 yards in 4 workouts

Bike=  150 miles in 5 rides

Run=  25 miles in 3 runs

2 Pilate’s workouts and 1 yoga workout.