My training had been coming along very well.   I was making nice gains in the pool, my run fitness was coming along well, and my bike felt strong but with only one outdoor ride its hard to really tell.  After a solid day of training last Tuesday, I  came down with something aweful.  I tried to ride wednesday morning , but that was a mistake.  I had zero energy and my body ached, by noon I was in bed my head completely plugged.  Thursday it worsened and my chest felt like it was on fire, I had the chills and the sweats and eventually hit a temp of 103.  The Dr. saw me first thing on Friday morning and diagnosed me as one giant infection.  My ears, sinus and throat were infected and he said I also had “walking” pnuemonia.   HOLY CRAP! What does this mean?  My first thought was Oh my season is over, then I thought ratioanaly and realized its only February.  But surely this must mean I am out for a while right….  Wel I finally got out of bed today (Monday)  While I am very weak and groggy, I must say I feel a ton better.  That was the worst sicknes I can remember ever having.  (and I have had e-coli poisening)

 My coach, Scott, has wiped out my training plan and for now we are going one step at a time.  I will do no training until Wednesday, and have 4 hours scheduled this week, and half of that is weight training.  At first I was in sort of a panic mode, I only have 7 weeks until California 70.3!  Scott, as always quickly calmed my nerves and reminded me of my long term goals and put things in perspective for me and gave me my new montra for the season “one step at a time”  which is how we will approach this build to IMAZ.