I think I am in the clear…

After 10 days of no training, and a really light 4 hour training week, Scott slowly started ramping me back up.  It is amazing what that sort of sickness can suck out of your body.  Even after I felt ok health wise,  my energy levels and reserves were just non existent.  I fell back a huge step in all three sports.  However, after two solid yet light weeks of training, I am feeling pretty darn good again and I am beginning to feel confidant about my race coming up at the end of the month.

Over the last two weeks the focus has been on getting fit again without pushing my body too hard or too far as to not fall back again.   Getting sick like that definitely has opened my eyes to the importance of listening to your body, and to back off at the first signs of sickness and over-training. 

This is what the numbers look like from the last two weeks:

February 18th-24th:

12 hours 30 minutes

8400 yards swim (3 sessions)

121 miles bike (4 rides)

14 miles run (3 runs)

2- 45 minute weight lifting sessions

February 25th- March 2nd:

13 hours

8350 yards (3 sessions)

121.5 miles bike (4 rides)

33.25 miles run (4 runs)

1 Pilate’s

This week Scott will bump up my volume significantly, and has  a good block of training over the weekend planned.  I also have a time trial scheduled on the bike  Tuesday which will give me a more accurate idea of my power training zones.  Ciaverella has been schooling me  on the ins and outs of training and racing based on wattage and I am excited to get that dialed in.