I have had a great two weeks of training, and I am feeling really good.  I have gone from discouraged about racing  in California to feeling pretty good about it.  Two weeks ago my wife took my son to Texas for 4 days to visit some of her family, and I took full advantage and put as much volume in as I thought my body would take at the time, and it seemed to be beneficial.    My body seems to be progressing well and I am making some nice gains again, especially in the pool.  I finally got my power numbers dialed in with Scott and am correctly training with power now on the bike.  And even in the short amount of time its been I can see improvement.  My run miles are increasing again, and I am starting to get in some speed work.  I still have alot of work to do, but the bright side is I am feeling good again.  I did the 8k at the shamrock run on Sunday and ran it in 30 minutes flat (6min/mile).  Not great, but I am happy with it at this point in the season considering I had a big bike day the day before and I have only had one speed workout this year.  After that race I went to the pool to swim 2000 yards at endurance to steady pace and was very pleased with my 26:40 time.  My splits by 500 were : 6:52, 6:37, 6:35, 6:36. 

The only discouraging thing going now is the 10 day weather forecast.  Rain every stinking day.  Its going to make it really hard to get outside rides in before I race on the 29th.

Workout summary the last two weeks:

3/4 -3/9:  18.5 hours

15,500 yards swimming

176 miles bike

30.5 miles run

3/10- 3/16:  13.25 hours

13,300 yards swim

123.5 miles bike

20.75 miles run