I had a good recovery week last week after Cali, but still had some solid workouts.  My body recovered quickly from the race which is good.  It was my birthday last week, which meant I ate out 4 nights in a row to celebrate with different freinds and family, so my nutrition was sub par at best.  Oh well you need to do that every once in a while, or so I keep telling myself. 

April is going to be a tough month for me, my training intesity picks up immensly, and the hours stay pretty much the same.  I don’t have a day off from training until May 5th, but scott asures me that there are plenty of light days for recovery.  I also start traveling again for work this week, which is going to make training slightly more challenging, but more imortantly it puts a strain on my family which is just added stress. 

My keys for this month are to keep a healthy balance of family, training, and work and keep it all in perspective. 

I will be racing in the spring classic duathlon this Saturday which should be interesting, after that my next race is the Hawthorne Farms Sprint on May 3rd.

This Sunday I have a bunch of friends and teammates racing IMAZ, so good luck to all of you!  I will be watching and tracking!