Knock on wood I am still feeling fantastic.  Tuesday I woke up with a soar throat and thought that the hard training was getting me, I contacted Scott, took out a hard bike and hard run on Wednesday and replace it with an hour light ride, got rest, vitamins and water, and Thursday i was back on track and feeling really good again.  This weekend I felt literally the best I have ever felt physically during training.  My Saturday swim I would even describe as magical.  I can’t remember the last time I felt that fluid and strong in the water.  To top that off I had the best run of my life on Sunday running 14 miles in an hour and a half, and that is with 15 minutes almost jogging.  The workout was supposed to be 30 minutes at 7:15/mile, 30 minutes at 6:45/mile, 15 minutes at 6:15/mile then 15 light.  I am a terrible judge of actual pace and ended up more like 6:50, 6:20, 6:00, but my hr zones were all in line.  Bottom line GREAT RUN!  Thanks Chrisfor running that with me.  We followed that up with a 2 hour ride out to sauvie and a bit of work there then back for me,  while Chris stayed to do some more hard efforts.

This week I have some traveling to do, with one hard day of training on Tuesday with some light stuff the rest of the week in prep for a sprint race on Saturday.

Week Summary:

17 hours 15 minutes

13700 yards (4 swims)

157 miles (5 rides)

37 miles (4 runs)