One of those days that everything fell together!  This was really the first local race of the year here, and I knew a lot of the people that were racing, so I really wanted to make a statement in this race, more to myself than anything. I have put in a ton of hard work and have been feeling great, so I wanted to see just where I was at. I finished 8th here last year.


The swim is 500 yards in a pool, which sucks but it is what it is.  I had a good swim, I chose to swim with my tri top, which I kind of wish I didn’t now because I could really feel the drag, especially the last 200 yards.  I think I was 3rd out of the water in my wave, the last wave. Time 6:13 4th overall


Transition went quick and smooth, but could not get my rubber bands to break when pedaling so that was irritating and I had to reach down and break them.  I passed the two guys in front of me by the first mile, but my legs were burning and I was definitely worried about that. Then I was passed by a teammate of mine Garren shortly after that.  He is a very strong cyclist and I knew he would be coming, just not that soon.  I pushed to stay with him, I was sure that he would try and blow me up, but I was determined to hang on and see what happens.  When we came to the hills, I passed him on the up and he came right around me again on the decent.  At this point my legs were feeling good and I just decided to hang on and see if I could out run him.


We went into transition together, but my mind was so focused on staying with him that I forgot to slip out of my shoes, so that cost me about 10-15 seconds to him. He was running out while I was taking my bike shoes off.  I was pretty flustered and forgot to take my helmet off and had to stop and toss it back to my bike.  Bike time for 13 miles 32:26,  3rd overall; T2: 43 seconds.


I went out fast on the run to make up ground that I lost in T2 and was gaining on Garren pretty quickly and my legs were feeling good.  I caught him at about 3/4 miles and kept pushing.  My legs started to feel it in the last 3/4 miles of the run but I kept putting time on him and ran home with the win.  Run time 5k 18:38 3rd overall.Overtaking Garren


Total time 58:42 1st place overall and a course record by 1:20, which is the best part because regardless of who had a good day and who had a bad day, I am still the fastest to race that race, ever!


I do want to give props to Garren and Bill for also breaking an hour coming off IMAZ only 3 weeks ago.  And to Jake who has made HUGE progress this off season to finish 8th.  All the Ironheads raced well!  I think we had 7 of the top 10 spots and 9 of the top 13.


Also I would like to say good by to Garren and wish him the best on his move to ___________ (you fill in the blank because I can’t even say it let alone spell it.  In UAE anyway).  I appreciate all the help you have given me over the last year!  Hopefully we will race again somewhere on an island!