So that sprint race last week seemed to hurt a bit more than I thought it would.  It literally took me until Friday to feel somewhat recovered.   I guess going for an hour above threshold will do that to you…  Training wise my schedule gave me a little leniency early in the week but was down right hard again by Thursday.  Sunday after the race was the first training day I had off in I think 34 days, which was nice.  I skipped a ride on Monday and my swim felt like crap  I had a huge motivation issue.  Tuesday I pushed through  a 3 sport day and felt good about it after, but bitched and moaned through all 3.  I did the swim with the MAC masters thanks to Cav.  Dennis Baker was there to lend me some valuable stroke advice, and its always nice to swim in a long course pool.  Wednesday my legs were still dead so I double my bike workout and skipped an hour run.  Thursday I had a very tough tempo run, and skipped my swim.  Friday, which was a scheduled day off, I was feeling pretty good again, and was feeling guilty for missing a run and swim so I made them up.  Saturday I tortured myself with a brutal 60 mile ride with 3700 feet of climbing, the brutal part was I had 3x 30 min intervals with 10 minutes rest in between, but at the end of every interval there seem to be about a 10 minute climb!  Sunday I had a long run (15 miles)  started out blah worked into feeling great and ended feeling abused!  I did get in a nice light spin for an hour Sunday night and that felt good on my legs.

Today I woke up feeling good for my high cadence spin, and I have a pretty tough and important training week ahead, and I am actually lookig forward to it.  I hope to get some open water in at some point by the end of the weekend.

Last week summary:

16 hours 40 minutes

14,750 yards (4 swims)

145 miles (4 rides)

34.7 miles (4 runs)