So its two weeks out from my first peak race of the year (Boise 70.3).  I seem to be right were I should be in my training and my body seems to be responding to the training well.  I had another tough week last week.  This week drops of a few hours with some key workouts in there, then looks like a 5 day taper for the race.  I am getting a little concerned about the race itself, the things I cannot control, like the water temp (currently 49 degrees) and the current flooding on the run course caused by massive melt off from the high unexpected temps over the last week.    I know I should not worry about things out of my control, but if I am using a race as a peak race I would like the course to be good.  Oh well I guess I should not have chose a first year race as an A race. 

On another note, it looks to be back to Oregon weather again, pooring rain.  Just when my trainer thought it was going to get some rest. 

Like I mentioned before last week was a good solid week, as I read my workout log I notice that almost every entry starts with Good tough workout.  On Saturday I went out to Hagg lake and got in the open  waterand followed that with my ride and run, all back to back.  I took that opportunity to simulate race day nutrition (infinit) and had no issues.  I will probably do it again this weekend just to make sure were all good, I do not want problems like I had in Cali!

Week Summary:

18 hours 25 minutes

13,750 yards swimming

175 miles on the bike

40.1 miles running