Taking it easy!  Training very sparingly since Boise, I am going to attempt to race this Sunday at the Blue Lake Olympic and  I am not real sure how this will go.   I know that it has to be mostly phsychological, but I  feel like I can literally watch the fitness slip away every day.  Its funny when you grow accustom to training 17-20 hours a week, when there is any drop off it just does not feel right.  The eating thing is my downfall.  I am so used to needing to eat all the time to keep up with my training, I find it hard to slow it down.

The plan for June is to rest without losing too much fitness, and then begin a build in July toward IMAZ in November.   I will be racing alot of short course stuff from July to October, seven or eight races in all, in corporation with my Ironman training.  I am also heading to Coer D’aLene Idaho on June 20th to volunteer and watch IMCDA, and register for next years race. So I am really looking forward to that.  Since I started racing last year, I don’t think I have been to a race just to watch, so that should be cool.  Plus I think watching an Ironman before doing one must have some benefit. 

For the Triathletes that read my blog, check out Dave Ciaverela’s blog, he has some really good insight talkng about training in  zone 5.  For you others it will be very boring.