Well I have come to the end of my “month off”  and my wife would probably be the first one to question if it was really a month off or not.  I suppose if you look at what I did in May and what I have scheduled in July,  June looks fairly light, but trust me I don’t think there was any fitness lost as I averaged about 10-12 hours a week. 

From an athletic standpoint I do feel rested, but as far as the time, where did it go?  My yard surely did not receive any of the extra hours, which was the intent I had. 

I did make the trip to CDA Idaho (I’ll stick to abbreviation as I always butcher the spelling) to watch the Ironman on June 22nd.  This was extremely impressive.  I have even more respect for anyone that can call themselves an ironman.  The event was amazing and the support of the community is incredible.  I did sign up for the race for next year, so hopefully if all goes well that race will be on my schedule next season.

This last weekend was back to the grind as far as training goes.  90 miles with 5000 feet of climbing in just under 5 hours in 90-100 degree heat on Saturday, and an hour swim and two hour run at Hagg lake on Sunday.  Surprisingly I feel great today.  Scott is not wasting time getting my volume back, as I have 18.5 hours this week.  The focus this month is strength and endurance.  So most of my workouts will be in the hills.

Congrats to all who raced Pac-Crest this last weekend,  I understand it was a brutal day in the sun.  Great job Dave for keeping his masters win streak alive, and Ann for placing in the money!