Solid 9 days!  The last 9 days of training have been big.  It feels good to get back into big volume, for a while anyway.  My body seems to be responding and recovering quickly form these big workouts which makes it a whole lot easier to get up and go another day.  My volume drops slightly the next couple weeks, only because I am racing each of the next two weekends.  The sprint triathlon at Hagg lake on the 12th and the Olympic distance at the Deschutes Dash in Bend on the 19th.  It will be interesting to see if I can race fast while training big, as well as how my body responds and recovers to back to back racing weekends. 

Numbers the last 9 days:

27 hours

13000 yards swimming  4 workouts

273 miles bike  5 workouts

55.5 miles run 6 workouts

Congrats to my friend and training partner Jake for crushing it at Lake Stevens.  Setting a new personal best in the half iron distance by over 30 minutes going 4:45.  Nice work man!  Another friend & training partner Jason Kurian also had a great race out there going 4:40 and change.  Strong work fellas!