So its been a pretty busy, stressful and draining couple of weeks.  With training in full bore, I raced the Hagg Lake Sprint with tired legs  on July 12th and raced well.  I finished 2nd overall with a 1:05.02  Last week I had an emotional set back and a very busy week, and with the help of Scott, cut my training back to 10.5 hours.  I raced again this last weekend at the Deschutes Dash Olympic and finished 4th overall with a 2:02.30.  This event has the potential to be decent, but they have alot of work to do.  I can tell they were trying but they were in over their heads and it was poorly run which is too bad because its such a great venue.

So anyway, I am back to 20 hours training this week, and then race again on August 3rd and again on the 17th.