I won the Hulaman Half Ironman race yesterday, and that is cool, but what I really did was further learn a valuable lesson that will continue to help me in my preparation for racing the Ironman distance.  Anything can happen in a triathlon and you don’t know how things will play out until you cross that line.  Things will almost undoubtedly go wrong in an Ironman, its how you deal with them that will determine your outcome.

 For the 2nd time in 3 races I took a wrong turn on the bike, I could bash the vounteers in both instances, but bottom line is I am the one who has to deal with it.  When I finally realized my mistake I was 2 miles off course and had to back track 2 miles to get back on.  I was LIVID, I was having a great ride and now it was all for not as I just lost 10 minutes.  I wanted to quit right then, but had to ride back anyway so I decided to push hard back and see where I was at in T2. I got to T2 in 4th place 4 minutes down on 3rd, and made some circus like mistakes in t2  (sorry whoever has the size 12 zoot ultra running shoes)  and decided to go on a steady 13.1 mile run to just finish the race.  At the aid stations they would tell me how far off I was and I kept getting closer.  At mile 5.5 I was told that Boudreux dropped, and I was now only about a minute off the lead.  Holy crap, this is what they mean when they say never quit!  I picked up the pace a bit and kept surging.  I finally caught the leader with about 2 miles to go.  Josh is tough, and he made me work hard to catch him.  It was hot and very humid, and we were both hurting pretty bad, I managed to hobble in with a 41 second lead for the win.  My time was not that great, but I really beleive that this race gave me the best “game day ” experience I could have asked for.

Good luck to my Factor 9 and Ironhead teamates and   to my coach this Sunday at Ironman Canada! Bill, Christian, Ryan, Darren,  Kaytee and Scott you guys will Rock it I know!